Starry Neapolitan lasagne by Peppe Guida, the chef reveals how to make them at home with the pan trick – Gordon Ramsay’s version




Peppe Guida’s Neapolitan lasagna it is different from all the others. Usually this dish is cooked in the oven, but the chef finds that preparation too heavy and has modified it in his own way. Always use dry pasta, but season it with simple sauce and prepares it in the pan. What also changes is the pasta shape chosen, the mafaldone, which is no longer used so much in our cuisine. But according to him they are perfect to be roll up on the plate with the right seasoning. And they are also beautiful to look at, as well as good. Listen, listen, the result is incredibly exceptional.

Pan-fried lasagna


  • mafaldone 400 g
  • ricotta 2 tbsp
  • parmesan 2 tbsp
  • mozzarella 100 g
  • salt
  • pepper
  • minced beef 250 g
  • minced pork 250 g
  • slices of stale bread 3
  • eggs 2
  • pecorino romano 100 g
  • flour 50 g
  • white wine 1\2 glass
  • extra virgin olive oil
  • tomato puree 2 l
  • garlic 2 cloves


The first thing to do to prepare pan-fried lasagna is to combine the meat, salt, pepper, pecorino and the soaked and squeezed bread in a large bowl, mixing with a wooden spoon. Add the eggs and mix vigorously. With slightly wet hands, form meatballs, lightly flour them and brown them in a pan, adding the white wine. Let’s move on to ragù. In a pan, fry two cloves of garlic with extra virgin olive oil. Add the tomato and let it simmer for approximately 20 minutes. Add the meatballs to the sauce and continue cooking for another 15 minutes, adding salt to taste.

Keep warm. Chop the mozzarella. Lower the mafaldone in lightly salted boiling water and cook until al dente. One minute before the end of cooking, stir the pasta into the ragù for a few seconds. Out of the fire add the ricotta, parmesan, mozzarella and a pinch of pepper. Stir well and serve. Your pan-fried lasagna they are ready. Obviously, even in this case, they will always be much better the day after. All you need to do is put them back in the pan. Enjoy your meal.

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