Chiacchiere without eggs (baked or fried) are amazing! -Tavolartegusto – Gordon Ramsay’s version

chiacchiere without eggs - Recipe by Tavolartegusto

The Eggless chatter I’m a lighter version and perfect for egg intolerant of the classic Carnival dessert! They are made with Flour, sugar, without butter but with fresh cream in the dough ; from which some are obtained thin sheets that you can to fry to have them crumbly and crunchy . Or make some Baked egg-free chiacchierewhich of course they will be more biscuitybut equally very good! In the procedure you will find both versions!

chiacchiere without eggs - Recipe by Tavolartegusto

It’s about a very easy preparation which takes inspiration from Chiacchiere vegane you remember them? Enough very few ingredients and the result is truly surprising! will come out chatter without eggs and butter amazing is as taste that how consistency melting on the palate and even with bubbles! I recommend it though follow all the thin application advice for a perfect result! AND if you are gluten intolerant you can also make some Egg-free and gluten-free chiacchiere using gluten free flour which I suggested it to you in the article Gluten-free chatter! Perfect to serve for Carnival dessert buffetexcellent simply sprinkled with sugar, they are out of this world if accompanied with sweet chocolate Sanguinaccio!

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Eggless chatter


Preparation Cooking Total
40 minutes 10 minutes 1 hour

Cost Kitchen Calories
Italian 390 Kcal


Quantity for approximately 20 pieces

  • 210 g of ’00 flour + that for preparation
  • 150 g of light and lactose-free cooking cream (the one for the tortellini)
  • 1 tablespoon of sugar
  • vanilla
  • icing sugar for dusting
  • 1l of sunflower seed oil for frying



How to make chatter without eggs and butter

In this case I used the mixer with large blades to make the dough in 40 seconds, of course you can also proceed by hand kneading everything in the bowl, it will take about 15 minutes.

Then pour flour, sugar, cream and vanilla powder into the mixer, operate at maximum speed and in 40 seconds you will obtain a dough like this:

how to make chiacchiere without eggs - Recipe by Tavolartegusto

transfer to a work surface and leave to rest for about 10 minutes:

egg-free chiacchiere dough - Recipe by Tavolartegusto

Finally divide the dough into 2 parts and turn each part in half again with a tarot

Then dust the work surface with flour and roll out the first piece of dough with your fingers, stretching it well.

forming chiacchiere without eggs - Recipe by Tavolartegusto

At this point I always advise you to proceed with the pasta machine thickness 2 mm in the article CARNIVAL CHATTER

you will find all the useful tips accompanied by illustrated step by step photos for rolling out the pastry, (even by hand with a rolling pin) cutting your eggless chiacchiere to size with the pastry cutter and finally frying in plenty of oil.

Alternatively, for one lighter versionOnce you have made the sheets you can place them on a baking tray previously lined with baking paper and follow the cooking advice found in the article CHIACCHIARE AL FORNO

In the latter case I recommend frosting with melted dark chocolate, they are even better!

Here they are ready Eggless chatter!

chiacchiere without eggs tablertegusto - Recipe by Tavolartegusto


You can store at room temperature for about 3 days, preferably in a glass bell jar!

in anticipation of the Carnival Buffet, put on the table an eggless cake, chocolate and delicious!

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