Pastiera Donut (soft, fragrant and quick!) – Gordon Ramsay’s version

pastiera donut - Recipe by Tavolartegusto

There Pastiera Donut it’s a Easter dessert incredibly easy and delicious that evokes the taste of the classic Neapolitan Pastiera! In fact it is achieved with ricotta And grain in the dough, candied fruit and aroma of Orange flowers! It is cooked in a donut mold, taken out of the oven and dusted with icing sugar. Imagine it fluffymoist and very soft to the bite, of that intense scent of spring! A amazing goodness!

pastiera donut - Recipe by Tavolartegusto

Recipe very easy and fast it was born by chance: I had some leftover cooked wheat of the preparations of these Easter days. So I started from my classic ricotta cake, I re-proportioned the doses, and what came out was a tall, majestic pastiera donut with divine flavour perfect for sure to recycle the leftovers from the pastiere: candied fruit, wheat, ricotta! Not only! It’s also one quick solution and within everyone’s reach; for who who does not have time or simply he doesn’t feel like it to try his hand at preparing the original version, but he doesn’t want to give up bringing all the goodness of the Neapolitan pastiera. It’s delicious for breakfast accompanied with milk and coffee, for snackbut also how dessert for Easter lunch and Easter Buffets! Try it soon then tell me if it isn’t amazing!

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Pastiera donut recipe


Preparation Cooking Total
20 minutes 50 minutes 1 h 10 minutes

Cost Kitchen Calories
Bass Italian 321 Kcal


Quantity for 6 people – 22cm donut mould

    • 300 g of ’00 flour
    • 200 g of fresh ricotta at room temperature
    • 100 g of cream of wheat (made with 75 g of cooked wheat, 40 g of milk, 1 teaspoon of butter or seed oil, thickly cut orange and lemon peels)
    • 3 large eggs at room temperature
    • 240 g of sugar
    • 75 g of melted butter (or 75 ml of sunflower seed oil)
    • 3 tablespoons milk at room temperature
    • peel of 1 large lemon
    • peel of 1 large orange
    • seeds of a vanilla bean (a sachet of vanillin)
    • 80 g of candied fruit (orange and citron)
    • a teaspoon of orange blossom flavouring
    • 1 sachet of baking powder for desserts
    • 1 tablespoon icing sugar to finish



How to make pastiera donut

First of all, make the cream of wheat by combining the cooked wheat, milk, butter and whole husks in a saucepan and cook over a low heat for 10 minutes until it becomes a thick cream. Remove the husks.

Then blend it and weigh 100 g of it, add it to the perfectly drained ricotta (squeezed in a cloth) and candied fruit chopped with a knife.

Finally, whisk the eggs with the sugar, vanilla and finely grated peels:

how to make pastiera donut - Recipe by Tavolartegusto

Add the orange blossom aroma to the egg mixture while constantly whipping, then the ricotta cream, whipping with low whisk, finally add flour with sifted yeast:

pastiera donut dough - Recipe by Tavolartegusto

Finally, pour the mixture into a perfectly buttered or oiled and floured mould:

cook the pastiera donut - Recipe by Tavolartegusto

Then cook in a very hot static oven at 180° for about 40 – 45 minutes. Attention: always do the toothpick test after 40 minutes

Finally, remove from the oven and leave to cool in the pan for 5 – 6 minutes before turning out.

Leave to cool completely for 2 hours before sprinkling with icing sugar.

Here’s yours ready Pastry donut

donut pastiera recipe - Recipe by Tavolartegusto


You can store it for 3 – 4 days at room temperature, preferably in a cake tin. Remember that the more time passes, the better it becomes!

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